1511327_10153651383030720_1084300720_nThe Tomodachi Anime club is looking for an awesome T-Shirt Design, but we need your help! So we are having a contest!

The design must look good on a black t-shirt, must include our mascot and the word Tomodachi(or the Japanese characters). Our mascot can be re-drawn but the colours and red scarf/cape must remain. We are looking for something stylish, targeted to all ages that isn’t too cute/young looking. Something that would appeal to everyone! Images must be high resolution and scale-able(Preferably in pdf or jpeg formats). The winning image will become property of The Tomodachi Anime club for use on t-shirts and materials. Original Artist will be credited for their work, and will also be permitted to post their artwork online and sell paper prints as they see fit. Now, for the fun stuff!

1st prize will win 2 tickets to Ai-Kon and a 50 dollar Artists Emporium gift card, 2 runner-ups will receive 25 dollar gift cards to Artists Emporium. We will thank all entrants by name(If you want your name posted, business name is also fine), and will post links to you art/Etsy pages on our website!

Send your entries to tacwinnipeg@gmail.com, contest closes June 24th, winner will be announced on or before June 30th!

Meeting Updates

We watched Spring Previews! We talked about a lot of things, the Icebreaker did bring us in some funds but not as much as we hoped. I think it landing on the same day as Manitoba Comic Con affected us. We will look into dates for next year and book after we know the dates for Manitoba Comic Con.

We will be launching two contests in the near future, a t-shirt design contest and a cosplay contest! Details to come. The prize has been decided for the t-shirt contest, working on wording. Contest will be posted soon! Cosplay contest will be primarily digital, details in the near future.

Keycon is coming up, We have our consuite running, supplies being picked up soon. Volunteers always appreciated for manning the room.

We will also be having quarterly bowling events, looking at June for the next one. Two picnics, one before Ai-Kon and after Ai-Kon.

Remember to renew your membership!


Next meeting is May 14th!

Next Meeting is April 30th

Meeting takes place at River Osborne Community Centre(101 Pembina Hwy) at 3pm. At this meeting we will be watching Spring previews.

We will be discussing:
Re-cap of The Icebreaker, fundraising ideas (such as quarterly bowling), potential cosplay contest, t-shirt s our Keycon Suite, Picnic and Ai-Kon advertising.

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Our Latest Newsletter!

Next Meeting: April 16th at 3pm

Just a reminder, meeting on Sunday April 16th at 3pm. River Osborne Community Centre(101 Pembina Hwy). Spring previews showing.

Meeting discussion topics will be:

Topics of discussion for our next meeting include:
Icebreaker wind down
Anime Bowling
Promotional Opportunities
FUN-draising(See what I did there!?)
T-Shirt Design, what do you want to see on a club t-shirt(I wanna make them look cool!)
Keycon Consuite

Also, remember to renew your memberships! Memberships are due!

Win Advanced Screening passes to Power Rangers

powerrangersPOWER RANGERS

Advance Screening: Wednesday March 22nd – St.Vital at 7:00PM

Release Date: Friday March 24th, 2017

Cast: Naomi Scott, Dacre Montgomery, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Becky Gomez, Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader

Synopsis: Saban’s Power Rangers follows five ordinary teens who must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove- and the world- is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so, they will have to overcome their real-life issues and before it’s too late, band together as the Power Rangers.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8ezPMcnnyY&t=8s


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