Welcome to the brand new website! This is still a work is progress, so not everything is quite finished yet. I’ve switched to wordpress to give us a more interactive and  user-friendly website. If you want access to be a contributor on this site, please either email tomodachianimeclub@gmail.com or message myself, the Club leader on facebook. I will only be allowing Membership Card holders access to contribute.

Our June 9th meeting, we discussed:

Promoting the club, any of you members can do that, just spread the word!

The Anime BBQ, possible locations and how it will be open to the public!

Anime Halloween party ideas

Ideas for prizes for the upcoming mascot contest


Website Updates:


I’ve uploaded May 26 and June 9th AMVs to the clubs’ mediafire.

Updated the Perks section with new information.

Changed Website over to WordPress

Our next meeting is June 23rd at 3pm, located at IrBen Entertainment on 1389 Pembina Hwy.

Without further delay, here is the mediafire: AMVs

Note: You need a membership card to have access to the password protected files.

Our club is Located here on every second Sunday:

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