June 23rd Meeting


We watched Macross 7! Decided to switch up the AMVs and add in some Japanese commercials! It was fun!

Discussed a couple things:

Anime BBQ, we now have a where and it will be in August. You can either bring stuff for people eat or pay 2 dollars toward the site. 

Briefly discussed possibly getting a promo table at C4 and the Halloween party, which will take place in October(no set date yet)

We will have a meetup to go see Pacific Rim on the Sunday of Ai-Kon in the evening(July 14)

I will be posting meetups for club members both for Ai-Kon and Pacific Rim. So you can see who’s going.


This week’s AMVs are up on the Mediafire. Leaving them without a password for a few days, just for fun(Only this weeks). I will add the commercials later.


View the AMVs here


Next meeting is on July 7th at 3pm, IrBen Entertainment(1389 Pembina Hwy).

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