August 18 Meeting


I will keep this brief, on August 18th we watched the Gintama movie! What happened in it? None of us are sure, however we enjoyed it.

We discussed possible venues for our Christmas Party, mascot contest will be posted this month, discussed club table at C4 and future events we would like to attend with Club. We are a pretty great community.

BBQ was a great success! Thanks for coming out, stay posted for future events! Speaking of future events, IrBen Entertainment is having a 10 year anniversary celebration! 12pm on September 1st at 1389 Pembina Highway. That will be happening on the same day we would be having a meeting. There is going to be a BBQ, cosplay contest, special deals, video games, board games, AMVs and great people! So come help celebrate with us!


Next meeting is September 1st(sort of) on IRBEN DAY!

Next regular meeting on September 15th, Retro week^_^

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