September 1st IrBen Day Meeting Notes

We did have a little bit of a meeting during the IrBen 10 year anniversary! The event went fantastic, I think it went well for the store. The Winnipeg Anime Club barbecued and held a video game tournament, we ran board games, and had some game systems setup. and there were some amazing deals for the day. Congratulations to IrBen on 10 years!

We have made a 2014 goal. That’s right! 2013 isn’t even over and already we have began plotting planning for the future. Our big goal for next year is to get the club to Anime Revolution, which means fundraising and money saving. We have opted to roadtrip it and potentially ruin friendships^_^;;; Seriously though, it should be a lot of fun and it’s nice to have a goal. We will not be chartering a bus, because that is crazy expensive.

One of our members is going to look into Lord Roberts Community Centre for the Christmas/Holiday Party. We will do the present stealing game, setting a limit of $20 for gifts.

I have applied for and paid for a club table at C4, we looked into costs of electricity and it is a little steep. So we will opt not to get it for this C4.


Mascot Contest will be posted this week.


Suggestions from club for future events:

Ramen/Sushi Night

Bowling Night(ONE DAY!)

Wrapping up a convention as a club(either with food or like we did for Pacific Rim)

Board Game Day

Next Meeting is September 15th, Retro Anime Week.

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