Meeting Notes from May 25 meeting!

We discussed at lot at yesterday’s meeting, so here goes!

We watched Escaflowne.

On June 28/29 we will be having a Club yard sale and BBQ! Some proceeds will be going to club. Members participating can decide if they want 50% of the money from their stuff going to club or 100%.

August 9th will be our club picnic, we will be booking the venure shortly(Probably Assiniboine Park). It will be a bring food or 5 dollars situation.

We are going to have a Beach day after Ai-Kon, date TBD.

We are going to see if we can get a club table at Ai-Kon.

We were also thinking about hosting an actual anime screening in a movie theatre type place, but that is something a bit farther down the line and requires a lot of thought and planning,

We briefly discussed the Icebreaker, it has a date. It will be announced as soon as we pay the deposit.

The Tiger and Bunny Movie is rumoured to be coming out at the end of June and we are going to do a group event to it!

We are planning on doing a group roadtrip to Anime Fargo September 26-28th. We will need to know who if for sure planning on going first though!


That’s everything you missed at the meeting , next meeting is on June 8th! Location is Crescentwood Community Centre.

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