Meeting Updates: January 24th


Hi there! Tomodachi Anime Club has officially resumed for the New Year. First meeting of 2016 we showed some winter previews! We also talked about some great ideas for 2016! Here’s a rundown of what we talked about:

Sadly, the Winter Icebreaker is not happening this year, club does not have the funds for it. We are talking about doing a smaller Icebreaker style event in early spring so keep an eye open for that.

Events on the Idea table are as follows:

Anime Karaoke Day

Cosplay Event Day

Board Game Day(We didn’t actually talk about this, but I’m adding it anyway)

Anime Social

Tomodachi does an Escape Room

Anime Bowling Night

2 Picnics!

Our Keycon Consuite

And hopefully a 2017 Icebreaker!

Lot’s to look forward to! If there are any events you would like to see us do, feel free to email

See you at our next meeting on February 7th, 2016!




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