Meeting Updates


We watched Spring Previews! We talked about a lot of things, the Icebreaker did bring us in some funds but not as much as we hoped. I think it landing on the same day as Manitoba Comic Con affected us. We will look into dates for next year and book after we know the dates for Manitoba Comic Con.

We will be launching two contests in the near future, a t-shirt design contest and a cosplay contest! Details to come. The prize has been decided for the t-shirt contest, working on wording. Contest will be posted soon! Cosplay contest will be primarily digital, details in the near future.

Keycon is coming up, We have our consuite running, supplies being picked up soon. Volunteers always appreciated for manning the room.

We will also be having quarterly bowling events, looking at June for the next one. Two picnics, one before Ai-Kon and after Ai-Kon.

Remember to renew your membership!


Next meeting is May 14th!

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