Next Meeting is August 6th


River Osborne Community Centre 3-6pm at 101 Pembina Hwy in the multipurpose room! First Club meeting post Ai-Kon, come get out of those post-con blues. Enjoy some anime, snacks will be provided!

We will be discussing the potential September Picnic, and having a big discussion about some changes(hopefully positive ones) for club! Let’s make things great!

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  1. Dane Mejia says:

    was the meeting canceled? because I went at river osborne and it’s locked when i arrived at 3pm.

    1. Katie says:

      The meeting was still on, but the building was locked after one of the staff left. Unfortunately, we weren’t aware until halfway through the meeting.

      In the future we’re going to post sogns to knock on the side door near the parking lot, just in case it happens again. So sorry that happened to you!

      We hope you’ll come by again!

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