August 6 Meeting Notes


We watched Gun X Sword and AMVs are back. Talked about new Stuf For Clubs program, what does it mean? What it means is we have a partnership as a recognised club om their roster, which will help bring us swag and other opportunities. Speaking of swag, they plan on shipping us out stuff as prizes for our picnic. Hopefully it gets here in time!

C4 has been emailed for a club table. Our picnic is taking place on September 9th, still thinking up lots of events for it. There will likely be some sort of cosplay contest! And we’ll be giving out some free shirts.

Speaking of shirts, our club t-shirts look amazing and are available to order. 20 dollars for club members, 25 for non members!

We have lots of new exciting things planned to really spruce up club! Many of these changes are happening in January. But we will break it down. Polls are now gone, but we are still open to showing suggestions.

August- Just regular meetings.

September- Picnic!!!

October- Halloween party! With anime themed showings, one more adult themed. The halloween party will have a costume contest, with a small fee for those without membership cards.

November- Swap meet  and club bake sale at one of our meetings!

December- Christmas party! Members only,

January: Hot chocolate bar, and new club format.

Starting January, meetings will be the 1st Sunday of every month. They will be 4 hours long and we will show 2 anime showings instead of the one. We are hoping this will help boost people coming out to join us.

We are thinking of pooling money to order pizza and doing group food orders starting in January. Instead of the Icebreaker, we may be having more of a nerd social in 2018. There is a LOT on our list and it’s going to be great!!!

Other ideas include: Board games, Karaoke, group food outings, group movies, video games, rummage sale and more….

We did have issues today with the doors being locked, in the future we’ll be putting up signs to tell people to knock on the parking lot side door if its locked. That way we have no issues! I

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