Welcome To The Tomodachi Anime Club, founded in 2013, we aim to create a fun and thriving anime community in Winnipeg. We hope to bring people together to enjoy the wonderful world of anime by having events full of fun, prizes and other exciting stuff!

We are usually located at River Osborne Community Centre(101 Pembina Hwy) every first Sunday of the month in the multipurpose room, knock on side parking lot door if building is locked. We are welcoming to newcomers, feel free to stop by and sit down for some anime goodness.

Our 2018 Meetings are:

January 7th- Hot Chocolate Bar and Pizza(Bring 5 dollars!)
February 4th- Tomodachi turns 5!
March 4th-
April 1st- April Fools Theme, “Easter Egg” Hunt(NEW MEMBERSHIP YEAR)
May 6th
June 3rd
July 8th
August 12th
September 9th
October 14th
November 4th
December 2nd

**Meetings are subject to change, check our website or Facebook for changes, we do not typically hold meetings during Ai-Kon, Keycon or C4-Central Canada Comic Con Weekend**

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