August 20th Meeting Notes

We watched AMVs, Chargeman Ken and Black Cat! We are back to being part of the Crunchyroll club program. We got prizes donated for the picnic from Right Stuf, yay! Picnic is coming up soon, September 9th! We have a table at C4, we’ll need people to man the table. We discussed having an Onigiri…

August 6 Meeting Notes

We watched Gun X Sword and AMVs are back. Talked about new Stuf For Clubs program, what does it mean? What it means is we have a partnership as a recognised club om their roster, which will help bring us swag and other opportunities. Speaking of swag, they plan on shipping us out stuff as…

We’ve joined Stuf For Clubs!

We are pleased to announce we are part of the Stuf for Clubs roster at Right Stuf! This is a very exciting opportunity for our club and we are excited for what the future will bring!

Anime Picnic September 9th

On September 9th from 3:30pm-11:30pm, we will be hosting our 5th? 6th? annual awesometastic BBQ/Picnic for all the anime fans! Everyone is welcome! Bring friends, Make friends! Have a great time! What will be happening? Food! Marshmallow roasting(There is a fire pit! :O), Hot dogs, fun! Where is this? Picnic site 3(There is a shelter)…

Next Meeting is August 6th

River Osborne Community Centre 3-6pm at 101 Pembina Hwy in the multipurpose room! First Club meeting post Ai-Kon, come get out of those post-con blues. Enjoy some anime, snacks will be provided! We will be discussing the potential September Picnic, and having a big discussion about some changes(hopefully positive ones) for club! Let’s make things…

Congratulation to Dan Vinci!

We are happy to announce the winner of our t-shirt design contest! Thank you, Dan Vinci, for the amazing design! Our runner ups will be posted up later tonight!


Reminder: We have club today at 3pm. I will be late, but Jay is starting the meeting today. Use the back doors, and we will be discussing picnic, bowling, Keycon and the Icebreaker!


The Tomodachi Anime club is looking for an awesome T-Shirt Design, but we need your help! So we are having a contest! The design must look good on a black t-shirt, must include our mascot and the word Tomodachi(or the Japanese characters). Our mascot can be re-drawn but the colours and red scarf/cape must remain….

Meeting Updates

We watched Spring Previews! We talked about a lot of things, the Icebreaker did bring us in some funds but not as much as we hoped. I think it landing on the same day as Manitoba Comic Con affected us. We will look into dates for next year and book after we know the dates for…